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Herpaso Plus

Testimonies from those who have tried it

DEVELOPMENT of a cold sore
Tingling, burning, itching, tightening and even pain. These are the first symptoms produced by a cold sore, an extremely common condition that affects approximately 95% of the population.

Shortly after small water blisters appear which burst after a few hours or days, forming scabs that can take several days to heal. Cold sores usually take 10-14 days to heal completely.
WITH HERPASO PLUS: the progression of symptoms STOPS!
Michela 32 years old
I've always been bothered by cold sores, especially when I'm stressed or in summer when I spend more time in the sun.
It's impossible to get any relief - the symptoms don't ease and the cold sore persists.
I tried Herpaso and was amazed.
The pain and burning went very quickly and the symptoms stopped!
Especially farewell to the embarrassment due to the classic crusts!
Now I take it with me everywhere and use it every day as a preventative treatment.
CON HERPASO PLUS: Invisible and no scabs!

Giulia 40 years old
The most annoying thing about cold sores, pains and burns apart, are the inevitable scabs and hated cream.
All the products on the market have not solved these two enormous problems, with all the embarrassment created by appearing in public with their creamy lips.

With Herpaso Plus these problems are overcome!
I applied it immediately to the first symptoms and, as recommended, several times a day; Is also very practical thanks to its stick size.
Completely transparent and invisible, it has blocked the cold sores symptoms, preserving my lips from the formation of scabs.
Finally no embarrassment at the corporate meeting, not even at the aperitif with Marco!

Common causes of cold sores
- prolonged exposure to the sun
- low immune response
- illness such as a cold, flu or infection
- menstrual cycle, pregnancy
- emotional upset or stress
- localised trauma
Why should I use Herpaso Plus?
Herpaso is recommended for the prevention of recurring cold sores.
The product REDUCES THE INITIAL SYMPTOMS of burning, itching, heat, swelling and tightening of the skin.
By applying Herpaso Plus, the treated area will improve quickly, and recovery time will accelerate WITHOUT UNWANTED SIDE EFFECTS or changes to skin in the lip area.
Symptoms stop progressing when applied at the first signs of a cold sore.
If used regularly Herpaso is especially effective at PREVENTING and stopping RECURRING COLD SORES.
It can also be used on children thanks to its SAFE, NATURAL formulation.
Instructions for using Herpaso Plus
Herpaso Plus SHOULD BE USED DAILY to achieve maximum effectiveness.
Apply to affected areas 6-8 times a day and ALWAYS during exposure to the sun.
It is important to apply the product when the first symptoms appear (tingling, burning, itching, tightening, pain).
It is advisable to use the product to prevent recurrences during exposure to the sun, periods of stress or exhaustion, cold weather, or during menstruation.