Herpaso Plus
Herpaso Plus

A wealth of experience has produced A NEW FORMULA

About us
A&R PHARMA is a young Italian company established by its founders following 20 years of experience gained in the pharmaceutical industry.
We have pooled our abilities in the research and development of pharmaceutical and commercial products to produce a NEW, INNOVATIVE, UNIQUE FORMULA.
Herpaso Plus is a medical product with NATURAL active ingredients which helps to prevent and treat the first signs of a cold sore SAFELY and QUICKLY.

After overwhelming success at the last ArabHealth pharmaceutical trade fair held in January in Dubai, Herpaso is about to be marketed in various countries in the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Iran and Iraq.
Buoyed by these results we have also decided to bring Herpaso Plus to Italy, embarking on a new challenge!
178, Via Cave - 25082 Botticino (BS) Italy

+39 347 6874901